Aphasia Voice - Jeffrey Fisher's Story





After suffering a cerebral vascular stroke that left him partially paralyzed and with severe Aphasia, Jeffrey Fisher continues to defy the odds and make a miraculous recovery. 


Alongside his wife and partner, Alice, Jeffrey's journey is hallmarked by 10 years of patience, persistence and practice spanning traditional and alternative therapies, countless physicians and health experts, and pure perseverance on his ongoing road to recovery. 


By sharing his story, learnings and experiences, Jeffrey aims to give a voice to aphasia victims like himself, challenge others to choose their response when they cannot choose their circumstance, and, above all, motivate those around him to never give up. 


Today he is a survivor, fighter, teacher, author and motivational speaker on a mission to inspire and encourage those around him. Read his story or learn more about his primary speaking topics today. 

Aphasia Voice - Primary Topics



Life lessons. A universal concept, life lessons are intriguing in that we each must have unique personal experiences to arrive at our own takeaways - even though so many of us share similar themes and values.


As much as we may want to, we cannot vicariously learn these fundamental truths - as the term implies, we have to live them to realize them. Some of us, however, latch on to these key concepts sooner than others.  


Jeffrey Fisher landed on these core lessons early and clearly: be persistent, practice confidence, insist on authenticity, adjust and adapt, and, above all, value people. Wrap it up with a bow. 


You could say he was just being efficient - setting himself up on a distinct path that would carry him from childhood through to his accomplished career as a businessman and educator. 

Stay the course. Swift and steady as she goes. 


That was until his course took a sharp left. On September 2, 2011, Jeffrey suffered a severe stroke leaving him partially paralyzed and unable to speak. “Not a lick,” he will often add.


This single turning point changed his course completely - setting him down a path marked by years of trials and triumphs that would challenge him to revisit and reassess what he thought he knew about those fundamental life lessons he had held to be true for so long.


This is Jeffrey’s story, from start ...to be continued, with all the key players and life lessons revisited along the way.