After suffering a cerebral vascular stroke that left him partially paralyzed and with severe Aphasia, Jeffery Fisher continues to defy the odds and make a miraculous recovery. 


Alongside his wife and partner, Alice, Jeffrey's journey is hallmarked by 10 years of patience, persistence, and practice spanning traditional and alternative therapies, countless physicians and health experts, and pure perseverance on his ongoing road to recovery. 

Jeffrey Fisher - Aphasia Voice

Jeffrey Fisher

A proud family man with an accomplished career as a businessman and educator, Jeffrey Fisher won over every room with his signature smile, sharp wit, and infectious laugh. The world was his oyster.    


Then on September 2, 2011, he suffered a severe stroke leaving him partially paralyzed and unable to speak. 


This single turning point changed his course completely - setting him down a path marked by years of trials and triumphs that would challenge him to live his mantra, “never give up.” 


Today, Jeffrey lives in Charleston, SC with his wife, Alice, and one furchild, with his three sons close by. He is on a mission to share his story and experience through his memoir, Never Give Up, and his motivational speaking venture, Aphasia Voice, in hopes of inspiring, educating, and encouraging others. 

Alice Fisher

As the oldest of five, Alice learned to put others first. With a fierce dedication to problem-solving, commitment to making people happy, and facing any challenge set in front of her, Alice is here to answer the call. 


Throughout her career, Alice honed her skills when it came to enhancing client engagement, managing events, uplifting employee morale, staying organized, and solving unique puzzles. 


Life took a turn for her too on September 2, 2011, when her husband, Jeffrey, suffered a severe stroke that left him partially paralyzed and unable to speak. Alice’s primary role suddenly shifted, putting her to a new test as a wife, friend, caregiver, and advocate. 


Looking beyond the obvious became her new obsession. When traditional care plans, treatments, and therapies left them with little traction, she looked outside the box - seeking to answer what have we not tried? 


Fast forward a decade and Alice has helped Jeffrey through the peaks and valleys of recovery, with her dedication and grace as caregiver and wife never wavering. 

Alice Fisher - Aphasia Voice